Langerado Day 4: Before my tent blew away

Posted by Brian Waters
Langerado :: 03.09 :: Big Cypress :: Florida

Before having to leave Langerado, there was one more show that I wanted to see. Will Hoge is a Nashville artist that was interviewed by Lt. Dan the Monday before Langerado and is primarily the reason I was able to make it out to Langerado. It was a good wayto start Will Hoge four month tour by kicking off the day at the Swamp Stage. Playing songs off his debut album “Draw the Curtains”, Will preformed for a good size morning crowd. An important note on festivals is that 12:30P.M. is still considered a morning show due to the fact that bands might play until 4:00 A.M. When the song “Washed by the Water” was preformed, it reminded of how much I will enjoy a shower when I return home. Will Hoge upbeat Nashville country rockabilly rock was enough to wake anyone up to a full day of shows. I was disappointed that I would be missing acts such as The Natioinal and Of Montreal, but seeing Will Hoge play was enough inspiration to get me back to Nashville. The combination of school, work, and a 14 hour drive ahead of us, we had to leave a little early.

When I started tearing down my tent, it brought up memories of all the good times we had together at Langerado. The festival events have proven to be a bonding experience for man and his home. We made it though tornado warnings, monsoons, and even a little tent flying while attached by rope to our car. Langerado did more than bring man together with his basic needs for survival, it provided fan with a more diverse lineup than previous years with weather for northerners that felt like the first week of summer. Being a promising festival, I would gladly attend the next Langerado with the promises of improved sound quality, more hip hop artist, and the addition of a second alligator to at least keep the first one company. Thank you Langerado for making my first media coverage an genuinely interesting experience.


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