May 2008 Update: Augustana in the studio

May has been another busy month for your good friend Lt. Dan! I’ve been busy at work, home, and with my DJ business Buckley Productions. Today at the radio station the band Augustana stopped by. They we’re really great and very gracious. It’s fun when a band sincerely appreciates getting to come by for an interview. I think they all shook my hand three times. We chatted about their new record, how one of the members in the band (Chris) is from Nashville, and the show at City Hall. They performed three acoustic songs in the studio including their hit song Boston. I really enjoyed their harmonies and might actually prefer that version of the new single, “Sweet and Low”. It wasn’t quite as polished and certainly wasn’t overproduced. I would have liked to go to the show tonight but just got home from work and need the rest. We had a three day weekend because of memorial day and I had a lot of catching up to do.

I started my day off checking email and trying not to worry about the five-hundred unread messages I have. I left the important one’s flagged as unread and went to check the production room email account. That was when Jayne Rogovin showed up to tape an episode of Tuned In. It’s our new public service show named after our parent company Tuned In Broadcasting. She was early and I had forgotten she was coming. We cranked out the promo for the week while we waited for her guest Tammy, who is the CEO of the CMA. Tammy was running late, so we finally made the John Guider episode public. I put it on which is a really cool public ftp server. They have a lot of great content there. One of the cool things they do is called the wayback machine. Where you can look at historical pages of a website.

The show was great and I need to get it edited and posted online. Tammy is awesome and has been in the business a long time. We definitely need to get her on an episode of Music Business Radio soon. I think we will send the show out the Music Business Radio podcast shoot. Tuned In with Jayne Rogovin airs Sunday morning at 6am central on 100.1 fm and Since the show is so early on Sunday morning making it available online is really important. It also makes it easier to book guests. Not only can we build an online audience, we can provide guests with a copy of their interviews easier. I still have to find the time to convert and upload the files though!

After we finished with taping Tuned In I started thinking about my interview with Augustana. I needed to come up with some good questions to ask the band. I had met them before and new one of them had attended Belmont. So that seemed like an easy subject. I also knew the lineup between the first and last record was different. That question turned out to be tricky though and I probably should have avoided it. I really didn’t have as much time to prep as I normally would like to and hadn’t even listened to the whole cd yet. I did enjoy finding Dan from Augustana’s blog and got a question or two from that. He mentioned liking record stores and how his mom took away one of his Nirvana records once.

After the band left I jumped into the production room to help record an episode of Music Business Radio. My assistant Justin Hammel had been covering for me and he needed some help setting up for our guests to perform. I ended up giving him some relief and engineered the rest of the show.

I’ll have to continue again later because I am running out of steam. Please leave a comment if you are enjoying my blog.


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