The List

Bonnaroo is kind enough to supply a list of items to make sure not to forget, but if you have every gone to Bonnaroo you might be able to think of a few more needed supplies.

Bonnaroo’s list
– Raingear
– Camping Gear
– Clothing with a hood
– Extra pair of shoes/sneakers
– Mud Boots (in case it rains)
– Bug Spray
– Blanket for seating
– Sunscreen
– A hat for shade
– A bandanna
– Sunglasses
– Plastic container for water
– Plastic bags for trash
– Extra toilet paper (just in case)
– Lantern/Flashlight with extra batteries
– Portable Radio
– Flag or balloon to identify your campsite
– Small luggage lock for your tent
– Earplugs
– Extra trash bags
– Camera
– Pen and paper for names, addresses, memories, and setlists!
– Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times

My List:
-Gold Bond
-Cheap Electric Fans
-Rope(hemp if you are in the spirit)
-Bungee Cords
-Dry Ice(will last you the whole weekend)
-Spray Bottles
-Wet Wipes
-Camel Bag
-Frisbee(if not, the hippies will make fun of you)
-Air Mattress
-12 volt Power Car Converter
-Gatoraid(Poweraid if you are watching your weight)


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