Zach Gill – solo debut from ALO lead singer

Just got an advance copy of Zach Gill’s new album, “Family”! I’m writing as I give it the virgin listen. It has a very mellow and relaxing vibe. The kind of record that you could play at a party in the middle of summer and see a lot of smiles on your fellow friends faces. I’m not sure who all plays on the album but bet there are a lot of his brushfire label mates. Think I recognized John Cruz on track 2 .

It totally makes sense that they titled this record Family. Zach is an old friend of Jack Johnson, who has created label called, “Brushfire Records”. From what I can tell, a lot of the artists are old surfing buddies of Jack’s.

Woa! Just heard him reference EPA! East Palo Alto! that is where my cousin Steve lives!

Anyhow, there is this interesting Family vibe happening at Brushfire records. All these guys are playing on each others records. Kind of like the days of Motown. Look forward to getting a look at the liner notes. That is the downside of an advance copy, usually there is no artwork or liner notes!

On the second half of the record now and really like track 7. It is fun and upbeat. I bet it is called, “Handyman”. The track listing is printed directly on the cd so I’m not 100% on that but bet I’m right. He is jamming out with background singers. Wonder who it is. Kind of sounded like Tristan Prettyman. Know she is a surfer so they may be friends!

Ok, checking out track 10 which is really Jazzy. Like the smooth vibe it has. See he is touring this fall and hope to catch him in Nashville!

Looks like Zach Gill’s Stuff will be coming out July 29th and I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear it on the radio in early August. It is cool to actually get an advance copy of a record. Use to see a lot more of them but in the days of people worrying about leaks on the internet there are less and less advance copies available to people like me. I decided I would encourage them to send more by doing a blog about it. The truth is though most records that show up in the mail for me at work are not this good. Of course “good” is relative to the consumer but as I have heard David Hooper say a million times, “a good song is a good song is a good song!” This is a good record though and one for anyone who is a fan of ALO, Jack Johnson, Leon Russell, Levon Helm, or Bob Marley.

Here is a Photo by Josh Rhinehart / Music Allies of Zach Backstage @ Bonnaroo 2008


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