Lollapalooza: Day 1

It is easy to compare Lollapalooza to other festivals I have partaken in. An average festival would start with me waking up at 8am due to the sun blazing into my tent and creating a cocoon of humidity. Lollapalooza entail me waking up at 10am to three very attractive women walking around in towels and ordering room service. I could get used to this.

The 2008 Lollapalooza music festival started off with a pretty strong line up of non-stop shows. While looking at the map, I originally called Lollapalooza a midget festival compare to the huge size of Bonnaroo. After running back and forth to the North and South side of the festivals, the walk started to wear down on me. The first show I made it to was Holy F*ck who remind me of an Atari that drank to much coffee. For an early show, it probably had the largest amount of people dancing on Friday.

After Holy F*ck blew me away, I walked over to see Rogue Wave after missing them at Bonnaroo. The mellow tones of Rogue Wave were over taken by the amount of people in the crowd talking over the band. I moved my way up closer into the crowd and took this video of Rogue Wave performing Chicago x 12.

After wonder around to explore the festival, I made my way back to the AT&T Stage to see the Yeasayer. If my grand children ever ask me why I am deaf, I will tell them it was because went to Lollapalooza and saw Yeasayer. I probably will not hear them ask the question though.

The Black Keys were the next band on my list to see at Lollapalooza. So I ventured to the other side of the park to the Budweiser Stage. I was initial confused on a woman standing on the left side of the stage on a speaker, but then I noticed that she was signing the crowd. The Budweiser Stage is the only one at Lollapalooza that has an interpretor and she was getting down.

Mates of State – Get Better

Grizzly Bear

After a long day at Lollapalooza, I stationed myself for a spot for Radiohead. The downfall was that so did 20,000 people before me. Radiohead started there set while the sun was setting over the Chicago skyline. It was a perfect setting for for a Radiohead concert, but I do not believe that the other people understood this in the crowd. Some how the crowd was talking over Radiohead! The sound should of been louder, but the people should of been quieter. After heading a girl ask “who is this band again?”, I pushed my way closer to the front. The closer I moved up, the talking turned to singing along. It ended up being a great show, it is a shame that most of drunk Chicago missed it.

Radiohead – The National Anthem
Radiohead – There, There

At the end of the show, every drunk festival goer took to the streets. I would think after so many years of putting on the festival, they would have a down. Check out the Lollapalooza chaos in this video.

Well I have to run, I am starting to miss some bands. Check back tomorrow for more coverage.


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