NSN with Patrice Pike, Tori Sparks, Danielia Cotton 8-3-08

There’s nothing like being 3 minutes to live-on-the-air and discovering the studio equipment and the remote location equipment are not communicating with each other! Fortunately we got it resolved pretty quickly and got on with our special triple-bill of Patrice Pike, Tori Sparks and Danielia Cotton only 5 minutes late. Putting 3 acts in a time slot usually reserved for just 2, cuts down the available time for set changes to practically nothing, instead of our usual leisure of 20 minutes, so to lose 5 more of that really put the pressure on. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch and we had a fantastic night with three women who rock!

Patrice Pike & I were reminiscing before the show that we really hadn’t seen each other since her days in Sister Seven, her former Austin, Texas band that we played quite a bit on Lightning 100 back in their heyday. Patrice said she’d been to Lightning 100 once since then, but it just so happened I wasn’t there at the time, so we missed each other. It was great to see her again, and my first time ever to see her perform totally solo – just her and her guitar. The all-too-brief set went like this:

1-Pressure and Heat. 2-Jack Knife Girl. 3-Rufus. 4-What’s The Trouble. 5-The Coppertree.

Patrice is working on a new album for 2009, so hopefully we’ll get her back then to play longer.
2nd on our triple-bill was Tori Sparks, from right here in Nashville. It was my first time to see her live and she was impressive. After I introduced her, she cracked me up by calling me “such a rock star!” Again, time constraints being what they were, it was a too-brief set from Tori.

1-Cold War. 2-Penny On A Rail. 3-Poison Well. 4-Providence R.I. 5-Out of the Void.
I noticed she’d skipped the planned 3rd song on her setlist, so I asked if they wanted to do one more before we broke away, (I must be out of my mind – we were running late already) and so we got a sixth song-Caged Bird. We’ll have to have her back.

Then running just slightly late, a little past 9pm, it was time for our headliner – a return visit from Danielia Cotton. She just flat-out rocks! What a voice! And that band kicked! Danielia’s setlist:

1-Bang My Drum. 2-Testify. 3-Devil. 4-Take My Heart. 5-Let It Ride. 6-Bound. 7-Righteous People. 8-Rare Child. 9-Make U Move. 10-Purple Rain. (yes, the Prince song, excellently covered!)

Although I’d told Danielia to just play what she was going to play anyway and not worry about the time, pro that she is – she rocked through her set and actually got us off the air at our regular time. Incredible!


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