My wrist are too sore to type!

Posted by Brian

No, this is not the chorus to an emo song. It is only a description of how I feel today after our 3rd week at the Marathon Fitness Bootcamp. Today I did more push-ups than I heard cheers for Obama last night at Red Door. We started our work out today by going on a jog up “Ice Cream Hill”, which in my opinion is one of the most evil names I have ever heard. After that, we moved on to sprints while caring weights. Joe, our trainer, was nice enough to put me in the 70 pound weight line for the sprints, which is a little under half my body weight. After that we took a jog to the playground(literally a child’s playground) to work out our upper bodies. I remember not being able to do pull-ups as a child on the playground, but now it’s even more embarrassing. It’s what I need to do to become the buffest website guy in radio though. Now that I think about, that’s probably obtainable.

Go Obama!


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