I think today is day 9 (end of week 3) of our 10 week (30 day) workout. I’m feeling much better, especially now that I am getting into a habit of eating. I’m also able to go longer in my workouts without stopping. For example we would do the same move for one minute and I’d pause for a rest at about 45 seconds or less, but now we will do the same move for one and a half minutes and I don’t feel that anxious desire to pause until well after a minute has passed.

Every day we start off with a half mile, mile, or two mile run (depending on how much Marathon Fitness wants to push us) then proceed to circuit type workouts. Today we all walked a block and as we came around the last corner we were told to stop because we’ll be sprinting. Yes! Sure I did cross country in high school and afterward started to run more 5ks, but my passion was always sprints (hurdles to be exact). Laurel and Jessie beat my butt at the distance runs but I’m positive I can whoop everyone in sprints! So, as a group we run at 60% speed for 100 meters about 3 times. All the while I’m in the lead and someone (I’m guessing Gary) is shouting at me, “yeah right, if that’s your 60% I want to see your 100%.” Bring it on! When they finally tell us to run 100% they split up the girls and the guys… BULL CRAP! I know I could have beat them all.. now we’ll never know.


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