It Rained Today! The official ending of the 4th week!

At first I was excited that it was raining because that means no running all around the neighborhood but then it dawned on me ohhhhh what instead!!! YEKS! Well, we learned the inner workings of the very large Marathon Village building! Up & down long halls, up & down stairs — over & over. The only thing refreshing about it – it was different. Overall not to bad! Then we got a lecture from our macdaddy trainer Joe about our diets apparently not all of us are losing weight like we should. Well, I knew I was one of them. We have been weighing in every Wednesday. I was doing well at first & I still feel like I’m doing well but my lifestyle sometimes can’t support the meal plan that I was givin. I’m not even sure where I am but I think I maintained from the prior week. You know, I had my jeans on, a big sweater & I didn’t get any love for that. Not even a pound! I have to say that I’m truly bummed about not losing this week but honestly I know that my diet has changed so much for the better since I started boot camp. I did take my measurements before I got started so I’m hoping that I have lost inches!?! My clothes certainly feel like it!

My Meal Plan:

6:00 am
4 egg whites
3 oz of salmon or ½ cup of oatmeal( if you have oatmeal, do not eat the melon or the cantaloupe
1 serving of cantaloupe or Melon
raspberries, Blue berries, Black berries, Strawberries
12:00 pm
6 oz fish or tuna
½ cup of brown rice
1 serving of vegetables
8 oz Meal replacement or yogurt or tsp of natural peanut butter
6:00 pm
6 oz of grilled chicken breast
1 serving of vegetables

do not eat after 7:30pm
drink at least 1/2 gallon of water per day.
vegetable fresh or frozen

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