Booty Camp

This is me, as the hulk. Those are my real muscles, but my skin is not really green. I have been working out with the Lightning 100 crew for six weeks now. To be honest, I think my muscles are too big and I’d rather just take nap time while everyone else is working out, but a commitment is a commitment!

I’ve had a great overall experience with it! In fact, Team Green is now offering a Team Green exclusive Bootcamp this winter with Focus Fitness. Here’s the pitch:

“Dates and times will be established by those who are interested. If you’re one of them, email me at to reserve your spot and let me know your availability. TEAM GREEN BOOTCAMP is an exclusive 10 week program, twice a week. As a group you will build strength, energy, awareness, and camaraderie. Make a one time payment of $300, which includes all equipment (kettlebell and restraint bands). This offer comes out to less than $15 per class!”

My only problem with the Lightning 100 bootcamp is that it’s three days a week, and I get so worn out. This TEAM GREEN BOOTCAMP will be great, especially if it ends up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s so hard to get back Sunday from a weekend long Team Green adventure, then have to work out on Monday!


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