Post Thanksgiving — 7 weeks!

I was truly fearful over the holiday weekend with all the Thanksgiving food that was going to be thrown my way. I had decided that I was going to enjoy the holiday & everything that came with it. I mean the feasting only comes once a year – so have at it RIGHT!! There was a funny thing that happened when it was time to sit down & eat. I filled my plate with all kinds of good stuff – you know the mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy – on & on! Well, I couldn’t eat it all! I had one plate & that was it! I should say, another reason I couldn’t get my munch on was the night before I went out to an incredible rock show where I bounced up & down continuously for 4 hours. I was so tired on Thanksgiving that I truly couldn’t eat that much. Oh well!

So our Friday workout was canceled. You would think I would be happy but all I could think of was — oh my – Monday is going to be sooooo hard! I thought about working out all weekend. I wanted too but I just couldn’t find the time! But hey at least I was thinking about it!

Monday comes along & here we go. I think everyone was nervous – not only to work out but the weigh in on Wednesday. We worked out our legs & holy moly they killed us! I spoke to everyone the next day & no one could walk right. Hilarious! Anyway, today was weigh in day. I was so nervous because I didn’t follow the plan that well. But lo and behold I got on the scale & lost 2 more lbs! Right on! Also, I think everyone did well on the scale! Today they went after our upper body & tomorrow will be the same story we all wont be able to move our arms.

Until the next time – see ya bye!! : )


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