A great 2008!

Well folks, it has been another great year for your good friend Lt. Dan. With 2009 just over the horizon, I think I should take a quick look back at 2008. My day planner seems to remember the year a little better than I can, so I will start with a review of January 2008.

January was the start of another year and we had a big concert tour that made its way to Nashville, TN. Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters came to Municipal Auditorium, Saturday January 26th. Of course, yours truly was not at the show, instead I was DJing a wedding reception right down the street! My greatest memory from that night was all the static electricity in the air! I had most of my music on the hard drive of my laptop and I’m pretty certain that the static energy caused my computer to crash. It booted back up and I didn’t miss a beat, but that was a pretty big scare. I will have everything on cd as well from now on. In fact, I have been using my ipod as a backup as well. Have to have lots of tricks up your sleave and be ready for the unexpected when you are a wedding DJ! It was a fun night but obviously I would have loved to been at the Foo Fighters concert. My good friend and fellow employee Jayson Chalfant was their with his brother Joel and had the opportunity to interview Dave Grohl before the show. We aired it Monday morning and then included it a few weeks later during an episode of Music Business Radio. Click Here to listen

Wow..I have run out of time for now but promise to update soon…

ok, here is the next update…

I am at the station recording in part 4 of this weekends episode of Music Business Radio. It is a repeat from earlier in the year with Allen Butler. Which means I have a few minutes for blogging.

Taking a peak into the month of February reminds me of spending Mardis Gras at the Mercy Lounge this year. What a trip that was! Jojo from Widespread Panic was playing with his Mardis Gras band and I was scheduled to do an interview before the show. I was waiting for him backstage when my wife called my cell phone to warn me there was a tornado on the way! They ended up evacuating us into the Cannery downstairs before Jojo finally arrived. Eventually they brought us back upstairs and I got to do a quick interview with Jojo. It was fun and is on a DAT tape somewhere…need to add converting that to an mp3 to my list of things to do! I got to do some other fun interviews in February. Ingrid Michaelson was on my show and I interviewed Webb Wilder while I covered for Mary on the morning show. Webb is great and is also a Music Business Radio alumni.

Looks like I am running out of time again for now but promise to update.

Also, please feel free to send me an email if you enjoy reading my blog.



1 Response to “A great 2008!”

  1. 1 Tim January 2, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Awesome! I miss that radio station…

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