Morning Show

I’ll be filling in for Mary Brace this week on the morning show. So don’t freak out when you hear my voice in the morning and think you have overslept! I seriously had a friend who did this today! I actually could barely get a wink of sleep. Every 15 minutes I had to check the alarm clock, making sure I had not overslept. All was well when it went off at 4am. My wife had my lunch ready to go in the fridge, coffee was ready to brew, and I managed to escape the house without waking my kids! Pulled in around 5am and had a case of Monday mouth for most of the morning, even though it was Tuesday. This seemed to entertain the traffic announcer David Park at least, and hopefully a few of the listeners.

Just found out I will be interviewing Rene Copeland, artistic director at Tennessee Repertory Theatre, regarding their challenge grant opportunity. Basically, if they raise $100,000 they will get $100,000 in grant money. Here is a youtube video they sent me about it. Should be fun though!


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