Doody Duty

I have to admit. I haven’t been in my yard much over the past few months. I adopted TG in September and then had a roommate move in, also with a dog, in January. It was so cold that I didn’t spend much time out there, and now I have come to realize that there is a TON of doggie do-do (if you will). I researched a few options for composting dog feces and this is what I have come up with:

*Note about all below suggestions: Absolutely do not bury or use composted material anywhere near a vegetable garden or any plants that you intend to eat from, due to E. Coli in dog feces.

  • Hole in the Garden Method: You can simply dig a hole somewhere in your shrubbery or flower garden to bury the feces. Make sure the hole is 4 to 6 inches deep. Cover the hole and start a new one every now and again.
  • Home-made Underground Bin: Take an old trash can, drill as many holes as you can in it (sides and bottom). Make sure you have a lid. Dig a hole a little bigger than the can itself, put a layer of rocks in the bottom of the hole, wrap can in hardware cloth, then place your can in the hole. Fill in sides with rocks until the can fits tightly. Start scoopin’ your poop in your composter and add a septic starter. Adding dried yard clipings, leaves or hay will also speed up the process. You can decorate the lid if you feel so compelled (see above)!
  • Purchased Underground Bin: Here is a site I came across that does basically the same as the method above. I’m not endorsing it by any means, but it’s somewhere to start in terms of your own reserach: Doggie Dooley.
  • Above Ground Bin: This would be similar to the other ideas, only above ground. Combine dog feces and straw (or used natural cat litter derived from plants, as long as you remove the cat feces first). The material will need to reach high temperatures in order to kill off parasites. Temperatures of 130 – 170º F for several days are needed to destroy pathogens.

Let me know if you come up with any solutions as well. Whenever I buy my own house I’m going to implement as many green pracitices as possible (my goal is to have 0% trash disposal even)! This is definitely one that I’ll try out.


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