NSN Eli "Paperboy" Reed; Green River Ordinance 3-15-09

Tonight we had two emerging acts that made for both a soulful and rockin’ night! First up, from Boston, was Eli “Paperboy” Reed. He may be white and he may be from Boston, but make no mistake, Eli is a soul man! The reputation for firey live shows with his band The True Loves is well-deserved. The set:

Ooo Wee Baby
Stake Your Claim
Getcha Back
Break Every Heart*
Time Will Tell (new, unreleased song)
Love Of A Man (new, unreleased song)
Foolin’ Myself
Take My Love With You

Our headliner, Green River Ordinance is a “new” band that’s just beginning to break out nationally, even though they’ve been together for a long time and are fairly famous in Ft. Worth, Texas. This group got started when they were literally just kids, and for a long time, they played clubs they couldn’t legally get into! All grown up now, they’re signed to Virgin Records, their new CD “Out Of My Hands” is out and we’ve been playing the song “Come On” from it on Lightning 100. It was one of the highlights of their rockin’ set:

Getting Older
Out Of My Hands
Sleep It Off
Goodbye L.A.
Come On*
Here We Are
On Your Own

Monday morning, the two Josh’s from GRO, guitarist and lead vocalist Josh Jenkins and guitarist Joshua Wilkerson, got up early and came down for a bonus “in-studio” performance on our morning show with Mary Brace. The rest of the band is Jamey Ice on guitar, Geoff Ice on bass, (yes, they are brothers), and Denton Hunker on drums. Nice guys all, they were hoping to head home for a couple days off before heading to the South By Southwest Festival in Austin.


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