NSN Lynne Timmes; Tom Hemby Band 3-29-09

This week another two great talents from Nashville. First at 8 was Lynne Timmes. (It’s pronounced like “Timmy’s”). Based both here (a house in Spring Hill) and in New York, she’s had her music featured on several network TV shows and she was involved in every step of making her debut album “Human,” writing, producing, mixing, mastering and performing. Lynne’s set:

Not The Girl Next Door
So Serious
I Must Be Crazy
Once And For All
Perfect Day
Summer’s Gone
Can’t Wait
What’s The Matter

Her band was Keith Carlock on drums, David Santos on bass, Michael Whttaker on keys and Tom Hemby on guitar.

At 9, it was time for The Tom Hemby Band. Tom’s been in Nashville since 1978, been an active touring musician and an award-winning (Grammys and Doves) guitarist, producer and songwriter for a who’s who list of artists. While waitng on bass player Adam Nitti to arrive from a delayed flight, they launched into a ten minute jam on an old Jeff Beck song (with David Santos sitting in) before getting into their own set of extended jams. On the air, there was only time for three more on the setlist:

Greasy G
Afro Funk

Adam arrived in time for Greasy G, and Keith Carlock stayed on drums and Michael Whttaker on keys. Post-broadcast, after a short break, the jamming went on into the night. One of those shows where you had to be there.


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