Week 3 = a doozy.

Well… not my best week. I caught ANOTHER cold! I’m assuming it’s because my immune system is down from the Swine Flu and Bronchitis I just got over (yuck). But I am happy that this cold is less intense than the last; perhaps this whole get-over-viruses thing is a step-down process. 🙂 But I still have the chesty cough, occasional stopped-up nose, and soup-head stuff going on. I walked uphill on a treadmill for 30 min. on Monday, then ran 3.1 miles Wednesday and Friday, and I have to be honest, they were really tough. I did a little bit of strength training (push-ups and ab work), but not as much as I would have liked. This week, I will hopefully feel better and be able to do more.

I found a new workout toy that I like, though, and thought I’d share. It’s called a “Harbinger Balance Trainer.” It’s a little, round, blue thing with spikes on it. (How’s that for a description!). I have been doing crunches on it, and it is awesome. It makes me less dizzy than doing crunches on a stability ball, and, and it’s made my muscles more sore than I expected! Find it on Amazon.com.

Any more tips you can give me for running in the cold/with a cold/anything to do with cold, would be greatly appreciated!


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