12.12.09 – II – Done Djing

I really want to keep on this blog. Therefore, even though I just got off Djing after working at the station today… here is my post. I want it to kind of flow from the first one. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t ONLY love singer-songwriters and these posts will move forward to bands and rap and anything else. That said, here’s another wonderful singer-songwriter. Haha! Actually, I will introduce a wonderful band from Portland, OR too. First though, this cat is from Chicago, IL and goes by the name Joe Pug. I don’t know any other way of saying it better than Dylanesque. This kid is deep and writing about things that are rarely thought about by guys our age. Last time I saw him play was at the legendary Bluebird Cafe here in town. It was part of Next Big Nashville, a festival here started by Jason Moon Wilkins. It’s expanding each year and put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It was Cory Branan (see first post), Joe Pug, & Carl Broemel (the guitar player from My Morning Jacket). I saw Joe at Bonnaroo
and first
caught him at The Basement with a band called ‘Horse Feathers’.
I was there to see
them and couldn’t wait. They’re like an Iron & Wine with
heavy strings. So beautiful and
intricate, yet simple. They have two albums
out and I recommend both! Def. recommend
‘House With No Home’. Kill
Rock Stars is a great label! Anyways, Joe opened for them
and I was nailed
to the seat. Such detailed stories. I felt like he had actually been a

character in each point of view he wrote from. Horse Feathers were
wonderful too, but Joe sucker punched me with his songs. So I’m going
to shut up now and here’s a video from each…

Ok… two from Joe Pug 🙂

I mean, “the more i buy the more i’m bought – the more i’m bought the less
i cost.” RIDICULOUS!

All these HearYa.com session videos are fantastic! This is ‘Rude To Rile’


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