RJD2 @ Exit/In 2/8/10

This being my first experience seeing RJD2 I knew only to expect a few things from what people had told me about his show, one of them being that he would be unlike any DJ I had ever seen, and it was true. RJD2 has to be one of the hardest working DJs I have ever seen. With an array of turn tables and other electronic instruments, RJD2 was able to make the music of so many come to life as one musical experience; he was the conductor of a one man orchestra of vinyl and electricity. Later on in his set he was joined by other musicians whom played drums, guitar/bass, and keys, at which point he stepped down from the turn tables and picked up the bass and/or guitar. Obviously taking his sound in a new direction by adding live instruments to his show, there were some songs that were phenomenally infectious and some that passed as okay, but overall the energy that the live musicians brought to the stage was definitely an added unique bonus to the show. I particularly liked when he combined his world class DJ skills with the live drums, it just kicked ass, plain and simple. In addition to the live musicians, RJD2 had a suit that he opened and closed the show with that was a jump suit with a trigger pad attached to the crotch that he could play and spin while wearing a welding mask that had a microphone in it that allowed his voice to be distorted. The crowd loved it and all-in-all the show was a great display of musical creativity.

Other pictures from the night:


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