Bonnaroo 2010 Saturday. One for the ages.

And then, there was one. One day left of Bonnaroo 2010.

I should have found a way to buy a Powerball ticket yesterday. It was my lucky day. First, after seeing Brandi Carlile’s set at That Tent and posting about it, Brandi was kind enough to sit down for a few minutes and chat with me. (You may have heard some of the interview on Lightning 100 earlier today – we’ll post the interview in its entirety soon)

After talking with Brandi, we rolled out into the heat and humidity to see the tunes! I caught a bit of Norah Jones on the way back to the compound. Norah sounded gorgeous as usual, but I think the crowd was a bit worn out from the heat (and who knows what else).

I knocked out the work and went back out and caught Mumford & Sons with Brian and Wells. It was a terrific show. Hammel told me about them months ago and I’ve been digging the CD, but the live show was outstanding as well. They congratulated ‘US’ on the draw that the United States soccer team pulled off in the World Cup (USA tied England 1-1) and for the last two songs, they were joined on stage by David Rawlings, Gillian Welch and Old Crow Medicine Show.

The Avett Brothers sounded great although I didn’t see much of their set. What I did hear, I heard when I was making my way to What Stage to see The Dead Weather. Jack White is such a talent. I really enjoyed the set, including all the band members rotating and playing different instruments. Kick A#$ Rock and Roll show.

After The Dead Weather, I had a decision to make: 1. Go to John Prine – or – 2. Go to Jeff Beck. At first, I thought I could catch some of both, but the route to That Tent (where John Prine was playing) was nearly at a standstill, plus I have seen Mr. Prine before, so I went and saw Jeff Beck, who I had not. I was not disappointed. Jeff can still shred and belongs in the conversation of best of the best guitarists on the planet. On the way back to Radio Bonnaroo, I saw and heard some of Weezer, just in passing, and they sounded, well, just like Weezer.

Then things got interesting. While waiting for Hammel, Wells and Brian to return to the compound to make our trek to see Stevie Wonder, something magical happened. One of our longtime Bonnaroo Radio colleagues (and good friend) waved me over to him and asked if we wanted to see Stevie’s set from the pit right in front of the stage. I looked at him and he looked back at me like we both had lobsters crawling out of our ears. My look was because I couldn’t believe he actually had to ask – his look at me was because I didn’t immediately say yes – because I was speechless. So I rounded up everyone present at the time and we were escorted to the pit and watched Stevie Wonder’s musical genius from about 20 yards away.

About 30 minutes into Stevie’s show, another one of my esteemed friends and colleagues pointed out to me the guy standing right in front of her. I look closely and it’s McLovin. Yes, ‘the’ McLovin – actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse who played the character in the 2007 film “Superbad”- was dancing right along with us and the 80,000 or so fans at the show. I’m happy I’ve now crossed ‘see Stevie Wonder live in concert’ off my bucket list.

Saturday’s headliner was Jay-Z. The stars were aligned and we were able to go back to the pit again. The ultimate showman, the Jay-Z show was everything I thought it would be and then some. He had vertical LED screens that projected some really cool looking images. Like a city skyline as a backdrop, the screens we’re projecting a constant part of the experience as it tied in with the music and lyrics. And I’m pretty sure Jack White and Stevie Wonder were side stage watching the show.

The evening ended seeing Lissie, a very talented young singer that with more experience and tutelage could be a future star. I think Lissie is a true talent, just a bit raw.

Then some of our entourage wanted to see Gwar. I didn’t care to, but I was down to check it out. I must admit, I hadn’t laughed as hard all day as I did at that show. It was my first time seeing Gwar, but they didn’t have a spot on my bucket list. Live and let live.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if there are pictures, the answer is yes. We’ll be posting those over the next several days.

Onward and upward…..


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