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Show #876 (aired on 08-07-2010)

1980…not a very exciting year musically for me, but there were some shining moments. I’ve tried to include a few of those on today’s program. Thanks for listening!

– Fred

The Kings / This Beat Goes On–>Switching to Glide
Grateful Dead / Althea
Fleetwood Mac / Sara
Queen / Play the Game
Jackson Browne / Boulevard
Squeeze / Pulling Mussels (from the Shell)
Ali Thomson / Take a Little Rhythm
Talking Heads / Once in a Lifetime
Ambrosia / You’re the Only Woman
Christopher Cross / Ride Like the Wind
The Vapors / Turning Japanese
The Tourists / All Life’s Tragedies
Red Rider (f/Tom Cochrane) / White Hot
Heart / Even It Up
Harry Chapin / Sequel
Rush / The Spirit of Radio
Pretenders / Kid
MOVIE – Olivia Newton-John / Xanadu (“Xanadu”)
MOVIE – Kenny Loggins / I’m Alright (“Caddyshack”)
Van Morrison / Spirit
Bruce Springsteen / Cadillac Ranch
Steely Dan / Hey Nineteen
Scorpions / The Zoo
The Rolling Stones / Emotional Rescue
LOCAL – Thunder / Easy Street
LOCAL – Alabama / Tennessee River
LOCAL – Rodney Crowell / Stars on the Water
Benny Mardones / Into the Night
The English Beat / Tears of a Clown
Yes / Does It Really Happen?
Pete Townshend / Let My Love Open the Door
The Rossington-Collins Band / Don’t Misunderstand Me
Dire Straits / Tunnel of Love
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band / Against the Wind
THEN – Devo / Whip It
NOW – Devo / Fresh (released 6/15/10)
Loverboy / Turn Me Loose
Bruce Cockburn / Fascist Architecture
The Kinks / Celluloid Heroes (live)
BEATLE – John Lennon & Yoko Ono / I’m Losing You

  • NEXT SATURDAY…..1989

Free track from Band of Horses

Day 10 – Burger’s Up: Mary’s Notes

Our intention this day was to visit another of Nashville’s traditional burger dives, but the hours listed on the web were wrong and we needed something that was open already at 10:30. So we drove from the Nolensville Road area to Melrose and our second choice wasn’t open yet, either. Went four streets over and Burger Up, the new venture from the owner of the Frothy Monkey, was unlocked and ready for business, or at least it was ready to serve a margarita. Here’s how it went:

Juiciness – 6. Most of the 1/2 teaspoon or so of drippage was in the form of grease more than juice.

Flavor – 10. There it is, finally, a 10 from me. Local, grass-fed beef flavor wins out. Burger Up’s basic cheeseburger adds caché name-brands Jack Daniels for ketchup, Cabot’s for cheese and über-hip (for Tennessee foodies, anyway) Benton’s bacon; I’m pretty sure the burger would have tasted just fine without them.

Attractiveness – 7. It was a lovely burger. It was ordered medium rare and appeared to have the texture of a medium-rare but the meat was suspiciously grey, not pink.

Atmosphere – 9. Very 12 South; matted steel with some vintage wood thrown in and public-house style seating.

Digestivity – 5. Getting some pangs. I’m not sure if it was from the beef, grease from the bacon or the French fries, which, by the way, were seasoned with truffle shavings. Major points on the foodie scale, for both of the latter.

Overall experience – 8. In spite of finally finding a burger with flavor that beat out Dalt’s (which will make all of my hipster friends very happy with me) the overall experience was brought down by two things: the above-mentioned pangs and the less-than-stellar margarita.  Burger Up’s margarita seemed to venture too much into screw-driver territory. The $11 price tag on the burger can be justified by the gourmet burger craze, the $10 inferior cocktail, not so much.

afternote: this review was written in June but circumstances prevented posting it. On a return trip the burger was just as good, and no pangs.

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